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Owasso Endodontics

Owasso, OK


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Patient Testimonials

I am thankful for the skill, care, and compassionate service of Dr. Chris DeLong and his staff. It was an involved procedure, but I did not experience a moment of discomfort--and I actually fell asleep for a moment during the root canal! Wow! Dr. DeLong explained the procedure to me in detail, making sure I understood my options. Everything was done in one visit -- pain-free! Never having had a root canal before, I was not sure what to expect. For years I'd heard people joke "I'd rather have a root canal" than face a painful situation. Root canals sounded a bit scary, to say the least! My referring dentist, Dr. John Geasland in Tahlequah, OK, assured me that there have been great advancements in dentistry and endodontics over the last 10 years and that Dr. DeLong was the one he would trust to do this procedure since the canals were very narrow. I am SO glad he did! Thank you, Dr. DeLong. I have already recommended you to several friends. May God richly bless you, your staff, and family. You have a gift that makes a huge difference in people's lives. My husband Paul and I are grateful to the Lord for you, and I know there are many others who feel the same way.

Dr. Laurette Willis

I am so thankful for Dr DeLong and his staff. I had been in terrible pain for more than 2 weeks. Being a care giver and teaching piano full time I didn't have time to care for myself. I got in with my general dentist who sent me straight to Dr Delong. He worked me in at 11:00. Went back at 4:00 to start the root canal procedure. Up to this point I'd previously had 3 root canals. I dreaded the 4:00 appt. but as a previous dental assistant I knew what had to be done. This was the easiest, no stress, less painful, calm, and professional procedure I've ever experienced. I will NEVER let anyone else do a root canal on me. Thanks to Dr DeLong abilities and his staff I enjoyed Christmas.


I am 61 years old and have had nothing but pain and issues with dentists all my life. I decided at an early age that "when I grew up" I would never, ever again pay for someone to hurt me. Well I survived a long time without dentists but it eventually caught up with me and I needed a root canal. I went to Chris DeLong with the hopes that this time would be different...AND IT WAS!!!! Chris DeLong is wonderful. I had NO PAIN during or after the root canal. NONE....NONE!!!! I am so grateful that I no longer need to fear the going to a dentist. Thank you Chris DeLong. You are very much appreciated. I will recommend Chris DeLong to anyone who needs help from an expert endodontist!!!